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Sleeping Mask

Insomnia & Sleeping Disorders

Do you suffer from insomnia or a sleep condition keeping you up all hours of the night? Perhaps you just have a million thoughts running in your head that stop you from sleeping? If so, have you considered hypnotherapy? I have successfully helped many people overcome insomnia and other sleeping disorders from my Dunsborough clinic.


I use a clinical form of hypnosis to help people address the mental processes that stop one from getting a good night's sleep.

Hypnosis Sessions For Insomnia Tailored to Your Specific Needs

There are often many reasons why people experience insomnia. This is why it is always a good idea to go and see a hypnotherapist in person for the best results rather then just using a generic pre-recorded audio program. The first thing I do with my clients in the clinic is get to the source of why you are having trouble sleeping - things happening in your life, stress, over-active imagination, diet, exercise etc. Once I have this knowledge I will tailor the ensuing hypnosis session exactly to your specific needs. Doing this I can help you overcome the sources of your insomnia and guide you in new directions to stop it.

Creating New Improved Sleep Patterns

Through hypnotherapy you can override old patterns and introduce new more positive ones much easier. For sleeping it is a matter of helping subside all the mental triggers that keep you awake, and promoting more control over switching off your mind and falling asleep easy. Because hypnosis brings about change on a subconscious basis, the effects will be permanent, usually after 2 or 3 sessions with me. The main techniques I use will help you to:

  • Switch off 'mind chatter' and over thinking

  • Create a switch to lower your mind into deeper states ready for sleep

  • Remove any stress or tension from the day more easily

  • Help you switch off to any outside noises or distractions

  • Instill the mechanisms required to get to sleep and stay asleep

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