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Chronic Pain & Fatigue

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How Can Hypnosis Help Reduce Pain?

Hypnosis can help you disassociate & desensitise pain on a mental level which is known as hypno-analgesia. This is effectively training your mind to shift the focus away from the pain, and to also help balance the connection between your mind and body. Induced at a subconscious level under trance, the right suggestions and metaphors can create permanent new ways of handling pain, thus lowering your overall sensitivity to the effects.


We feel pain for a reason; we need it for protection and survival, it tells us that we are hurt or injured and that we need to take action -this is “new” pain.


After your injury or issue has been dealt with and appropriate healing time occurs, your pain goes. But what happens when you can’t get that pain to stop? What happens when that pain switch gets stuck in the “ON” position after the danger has passed? This is called persistent, chronic or “old” pain.  Pain is 100% real and can affect every area of your life. However, pain is a message from your brain rather than from your tissues and if that message gets stuck your system effectively becomes “overprotective”.


Pain Therapy can work with all sorts of old pain including arthritis, joint injuries, back pain, sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  This is not pain management, this is reducing, and/or getting rid of your OLD, unnecessary pain messages.


It is a highly effective, cutting edge, pain reduction/removal therapy, kind of like pain psychology. No physical touch is required. So working online is also perfect.


We work with the part of the brain that sends the pain messages because that part can also turn them down or switch them off.

We work together over 2 sessions, online or face to face.  It is safe and has no side effects.

All you need to do is to genuinely want to be free from pain

The effect does not produce numbness or prevent nerves from relaying pain signals. New pain that properly alerts you to new injury, even in the same area, will be unaffected.

  • Please note: This does not constitute medical advice and does not involve any form of diagnosis. You must have been diagnosed by a medical professional who has prescribed or advised pain relief.

If you’re not sure if your pain can be helped with this method, please get in touch and I will happily advise you.


Not sure how this can possibly work or help you?


This entertaining video from Professor Lorimer Moseley, Neuroscientist and leading pain expert in Australia explains how pain works and therefore help you understand how I can help you.

Click below for more information on this pain elimination protocol

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