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Mindset Coaching 

Change is possible


The question to ask yourself is, how fast do you want them?

If ASAP is your answer, then its time to look at getting the help from a Coach.

There’s never been more videos, books, and on-line courses for personal development available than there is now,  and yes you can read, watch and learn all the material, but are you actually going to apply it to your life?

Unfortunately most people won’t…

Changing your habits, patterns and mindset takes time, and requires the proper framework and ongoing support to succeed

How does this actually look?

Awareness - Shining a light on your blind spots to discover what’s missing to succeed in life


Vision - Helping you gain clarity on what you truly want for your future so you can make choices with confidence


Support - Holding space for you to express yourself without holding back, and providing guidance along the way


Accountability- Having someone to check in with increases your chances of accomplishing your goals by 95%


Goal setting - Working with you to create your life goals and the structure to support you in achieving themIf you are serious about making changes in your mindset, health, finances and relationshipsIf you are ready to do the deep inner workIf you are fully committed to creating your dream life......................then click on the link below.

It may be comforting to know that change goes against your innate hardwiring.  Your brain wants to keep you safe and comfortable at all cost. It doesn’t care about your success or happiness.

Change is also difficult because 93% of your behaviours are driven by your subconscious mind, the part outside your conscious awareness.

At this very moment YOU are programmed for your current level of success.  You also have the skills that got you where you are.  Yet what got you here, won’t get you to where you aspire to be.

Mindset Coaching is your key to success. As an experienced mindset coach, Astrid focuses her work at the deepest part of your mind where all learning, change and behaviours occur. 


Together, we reveal and clear hidden patterns, deep seated beliefs and habits that are blocking you from achieving your goals. We then retrain and literally re-wire your brain with new programs that align with what you want and where you want to go. Magic then truly happens!

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