Astrid Nader-Louw

Health , Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist &


Yallingup WA

PH +61 0 439827920

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Hi there, I'm Astrid.  I'm an Accredited Integrative Health, Nutrition, Eating Psychology Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and also trained with the Australian Center for Eating Disorders.

I am a coach, counsellor and hypnotherapist specialising in the treatment of eating disorders and all food and body image related issues.

I love to help people discover how resourceful they can be in their recovery, and assist them to find their true purpose beyond the confines of an eating disorder, disordered eating, chronic dieting and body image concerns.


I have worked with 100's of women who are successful in all aspects of their busy lives, yet when it comes to food, appetite, eating and weight management, all the wheels fall off!


I am passionate about using food as medicine and looking outside the box when it comes to illness weight management and dis-ease! However the more i worked with people the more clearer it was becoming that nutrition wasn't the whole issue, if anything it was a very small part of the problem, the real challenge people were having is understanding why they ate the way they did, why food had such a grip on them and why they were filled with guilt every time they ate a chocolate bar, the mind and inner voice having so much control over them. This is where my journey and passion of learning the connections of nutrition the mind, body and gut came about! Such an exciting, new and holistic way to look at health and healing.

I have gone on to study Eating Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy  to help people connect all the dots and help uncover and heal those internal belief systems that hold us back. We all know what we should be eating and how we should be why aren't we all doing it? If it was all so easy why is obesity and disease such a problem in our world today? Anxiety, stresses, bad food choices, overwhelm............... this can all effect our health on a cellular level. 

I love helping people transform their relationship with food and their body.  Not only helping you figure out what food works for each unique body, but just as important, I help you uncover the mindset that is needed to follow through on those life changing intentions. The Psychology of eating approach to diet, weight loss, health and nutrition is life changing!

I use the non diet approach and promise there will be no stressful calorie counting or food point charts, no shakes instead of food! and no fast shredding weight-loss regimes! I encourage eating real food for real bodies, food and eating should be joyful, nourishing, wholesome and pleasure! lets eat cake and make sure we enjoy every morsel!

Do you want to learn to nourish yourself with healing foods, learn mind, body, and soul wisdom to create a rich and happy body. I will share all the weight, health and transformation secrets to get you on your way to success