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Weight Loss

  • Have you been on a diet for as long as you can remember?

  • Do you feel like you always have 2-5-10kilos to lose! 

  • You eat healthy, exercise regularly but can't budge 'the extra weight?

  • When you do lose the weight, its back on within 6 months to a year?

  • Do you feel guilty every time you have a 'treat'?

  • Is your weight constantly on your mind, maybe holding you back?

Weight loss has become a bit of a passion of mine, not from always being on a diet (yes i've been there too) but more so because of all the out dated and toxic belief systems out there still being followed and taught by so many people.

Did you know that Two thirds of people gain back more weight after dieting! So why are we still pushing diets?


I find that whenever I read about weight loss in the popular media or watch people on reality TV trying to fight off the pounds, or listen to the latest strategies from the experts – be it a drug, diet, or the promise of some genetic breakthrough – I’m left feeling empty, used, and uninspired. It seems to me that we’re collectively stuck in the same limited conversation around weight that keeps playing itself back and landing us in the same place – nowhere. With obesity rates at an all-time high and continuing to rise, I’m stunned at how these outdated messages about weight never change, and never truly work:


  • Eat less, exercise more

  • You’ve got to have more willpower

  • Try the latest weight loss drug

  • This new diet book is the answer

  • Staple your stomach

  • Count your calories

  • Someday, soon, we’ll simply just change your DNA

  • If you can’t lose weight, you must be a loser

  • What’s your problem?

Science has failed us in the weight loss department, the culture has failed us as well. Far too many people have intense moral judgments towards anyone with excess pounds, which contributes to the hidden epidemic of social disconnection.

Let’s face it: when it comes to the subject of weight gain and weight loss, we’re clueless. We try our hand at the most inane weight loss strategies; we diet for decades; we consume diet foods and ingredients like synthetic fats and artificial sweeteners that are, if you care to closely study the science – toxic. We are made to believe counting calories and eating less fat while doing intense exercise is the answer. drinking shakes instead of food, taking pills or plain starving ourselves and creating so much guilt around food and appetite that we make ourselves sick and in the end put on more weight. What I find so incredible though is people keep going back and doing it again and again and again. Clearly this is not working and born before us is the yoyo effect and rising obesity rates in the world. It is time to change our thinking and belief system when it comes to weight loss. If you are interested in learning how to achieve and maintain your correct weight in a healthy and sustainable way then join me and I promise results in all aspects of your mind body and health

How I look at weight

  • Weight is a richly complex, multi-dimensional phenomenon. Most often, there are no simple black and white solutions. We are all completely different so no one diet fits everyone

  • Excess weight is a symptom, and every symptom we experience has a message, We need to learn about this symptom rather than attacking it. Listen to our body

  • Extra weight can be related to an unlimited number of nutritional and metabolic factors.

  • Extra weight can be caused by an unlimited number of emotional factors.

  • Extra weight can be directly connected to deeper and more profound reasons that we need to listen to. Some of these lessons might include patience, humility, getting present, embracing our sexuality, forgiving others, forgiving self, learning how to nourish ourselves, loving what is…

  • Extra weight can be a mix and a swirl of any or all of the above factors.

  • Extra weight, oftentimes, doesn’t even belong fully to the person who has it. Meaning: humans often “carry” the symptoms of others, of parents, of the collective. The most obvious example – few obese children have “a problem” – it’s all about the parents, or their surroundings, their peers, the media…

  • Extra weight is not a personal issue, it’s collective – meaning, if over 300 million individuals in the western world are overweight, then weight is about the entire tribe. We need to heal the culture as much as we need to change individual habits.

How we will work towards weight loss

  • I encourage you and teach you to find a healthy, balanced, whole-food alternative to the processed, low-fat, grain-based outdated food system that so many of us follow

  • discover nourishing foods that help you find your “glow”

  • explore your stories to find out how to get “unstuck”

  • take simple steps that have massive long term impact to breaking those habits and creating new ones

  • uncover hidden messages in stress eating so you can let it go

  • learn how to listen to your body so you don’t have to use food like a drug

  • Understand your body's satiety and know when to stop

  • Learn how to fuel your body the right way for you

  • Refrain your mindset and perspective to live without anxiety and stress

  • STOP counting calories

  • STOP the guilt over food and appetite

  • STOP and asses any strict limiting diet that you may be currently following

Weight loss counseling

Weight Loss Counseling can be one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. Mind Body Alive offers strategic tools and techniques to help clients achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After several personalised sessions, you’ll become well-versed at making the best food-related decisions for your health needs. Don’t wait to schedule your session today.