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Introducing Lou Patchitt my amazing business partner who is the Clinical Nutritionist in our online programs. Together we have created amazing programs that woman can do from home, all over the world. yet still have face to face consults with us weekly for the duration. 

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Online Programs Available

Our 10 Week Signature Program


I know that you’re probably skeptical and a bit jaded from all the things that you’ve tried, so even though I know that it takes time to create a complete and lasting transformation – We have created all the steps along the way for you – we move along as slowly as you need to go and tackle barriers together when we reach them.


Instead of falling for the next fad diet when you can’t fit into your jeans, join us and our community of empowered women and commit to lasting, life-long health.

Just some of the things we cover together:

  • Overall Health and wellness

  • Binge, Emotional & Stress Eating

  • Chronic Dieting

  • Stress & Management

  • Gut Health & Digestive issues

  • Immunity

  • Body Image mindset

  • Weight loss & Gain

  • Fatigue & Energy Issues

  • Mood Complaints

  • Disordered Eating

After you've gone through this 10 week transformation, you'll have the right mental patterns in place to make your own intuitively helpful decisions around food and dieting. Your subconscious will be prepared to make those small "in the moment" decisions with your health and vitality in mind - instead of operating from that old place of insecurity and self-judgment.


Imagine having the mental power to take control of those "in-the-moment" urges that lead to overeating. Imagine never again feeling like you're at the mercy of a momentary, fleeting, and self-destructive desire to eat, stemming from uncomfortable emotions or boredom...


That is a reality within your grasp right now. No more jumping into the next big "fad" diet. You can ignore the "hottest" trends, you can get rid of the stack of confusing, conflicting dieting information you’ve been collecting over the years, and you can finally take control. You need to be in control of all the moments, big and small, in which you are making a decision about what to nourish your body with.


Once you do that, you'll start to feel better, wake up with more energy, and look at yourself in the mirror loving what you see.

This program pathway is by application only.

We do not accept everyone who applies in order to maintain the caliber of the group and to make sure that you really want a transformation, prepared to do the work required and not just looking for a quick fix.

Our 7 Day Programs


When you have tried everything to stay away from the fridge, pantry and cookie jar during this time,  no matter how hard you worked, or how much you tried, you can't get rid of the uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach and the emotional eating that comes with it.


Feeling anxious in certain situations can help us avoid danger, it's how we’ve evolved to keep ourselves safe. Even if you are not typically an anxious person, it's common to feel some anxiety during periods of change or uncertainty. 


Unraveling the root cause to gut issues can be so much more than just symptoms and medication.  We have the latest program in Gut Directed Hypnosis & nutrition to help you overcome the symptoms and discomforts of IBS & Colitis 

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We look forward to seeing & working with you in our online world